Manchester has developed an innovative and nationally recognised support programme for PE, School Sport and Physical Activity. Manchester School Sport Partnership, created in 2002, has supported schools in their provision of high quality Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity for children and young people supporting:

  • Outstanding PE lessons which encourage physical literacy, learning and leadership
  • Competitive school sport and extensive sporting opportunities in school and in sports clubs
  • Physical activity which promotes healthy active lifestyles

Our mission is to improve, increase and sustain the quality and quantity of high quality PE and School Sport for young people.

Our aim is to have a system in Manchester for high quality PE, School Sport and Physical Activity with a common offer and consistency across the city.

An essential element of support has been Manchester School’s PE Association, developed by Manchester teaching staff to pool and share resources, knowledge and skills and provide a collective support and development programme for Manchester Schools. With 143 member schools in 2014-15 this represents the majority of Manchester Primary, Secondary, Special and Independent schools.

Manchester School’s PE Association organise over 250 competitions, events and courses each year for schools, covering over 26 sports and activities across ages 5 – 19. Currently these are organised, communicated and managed manually, primarily through email and face to face contact.



….. to inspire our young people to achieve their best within sport and physical activity through the provision of high quality PE, coaching, sports leadership, extra-curricular activity and competition. We want our students to enjoy a range of physical activities and to lead healthy lifestyles throughout their time at school and into adulthood….

Our co-ordinated partnership approach seeks to provide effective channels of communication and delivery ensuring all schools work collaboratively, share resources, knowledge and facilities. Our teachers will be confident to deliver high quality PE in the curriculum and sport will be a focus and driver for all of our schools.

It is our responsibility to ensure the Legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic games lives on for the young people of Manchester’.



Manchester has a nationally acclaimed programme of PE, School Sport and Physical Activity with many examples of outstanding practice across our school network. A number of partners collaborate to support your schools delivery, including the Manchester School Games Organisers (SGOs), the Manchester School’s PE Association (MSPEA) and the Manchester PE Professional Learning Board. This document outlines a proposal which will sustain the programme and continue to support your school’s delivery of PE, School Sport and Physical Activity.

The MSPEA has been created by Manchester School’s to pool and share resources, knowledge and skills and provide a collective support and development programme. Led by three strategic managers (SGOs) hosted by Wright Robinson College, Our Lady’s RC High School and Levenshulme High School, the Partnership brings together professionals who are striving to be at the forefront of PE & School Sport; sharing good practice; supporting other schools and ensuring High Quality PE & School Sport opportunities for all Manchester pupils.

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