Manchester Schools’ Secondary Netball League has a fantastic following with leagues for all year groups split into divisions to suit all standards. In 2019-20 there have been 15 Netball leagues.

Last year (2018-19), 91 teams took part in the leagues; this year 103 teams took part, which is the highest number we have ever had.

Congratulations to everyone who took a team (or a number of teams) this year.

Here are a few of the league stats:

Games Played

Year 7:   87

Year 8:   91

Year 9:   58

Year 10:  67

Year 11:  26

Giving a total of 329 league fixtures played this year.

For a full set of results click on the league division you’d like to see.

Netball League’s : Final Positions : 2019-2020
Year 7 : Division 1 Year 7 : Division 2 Year 7 : Division 3
Withington Co-Op North Didsbury
St. Bede’s A MCA Chorlton South
Wright Robinson A Chorlton MHA
Parrs Wood St. Bede’s B Co-Op Academy
Wright Robinson B Trinity Abraham Moss
King David St. Peter’s MEA Wythenshawe
The Barlow MEA Central
St. Matthew’s Levenshulme
Dean Trust St. Paul’s
TEMA William Hulme’s
Year 8 : Division 1 Year 8 : Division 2 Year 8 : Division 3
Wright Robinson A St. Peter’s MHA
St. Bede’s A St. Matthew’s Chorlton South
Withington St. Bede’s B Co-Op North
Parrs Wood Trinity MEA Wythenshawe
MCA Chorlton William Hulme’s
Wright Robinson B Whalley Range Newall Green
The Barlow TEMA Co-Op Academy
King David Dean Trust St. Paul’s
Levenshulme Abraham Moss
Manchester Academy
Year 9 : Division 1 Year 9 : Division 2 Year 9 : Division 3
Wright Robinson A Whalley Range Dean Trust
St. Bede’s A St. Bede’s B MCA
Wright Robinson B The Barlow William Hulme’s
King David St. Matthew’s St. Paul’s
Parrs Wood Co-Op North Co-Op Academy
Chorlton MHA
Trinity Abraham Moss
Year 10 : Division 1 Year 10 : Division 2 Year 10 : Division 3
Wright Robinson A Co-Op North William Hulme’s
St. Bede’s Dean Trust King David
Wright Robinson B The Brlow Levenshulme
TEMA Parrs Wood Co-Op Academy
St. Peter’s Abraham Moss
MCA Whalley Range
Year 11 : Division 1 Year 11 : Division 2 Year 11 : Division 2
Wright Robinson A St. Peter’s Co-Op North
Trinity Whalley Range William Hulme’s
Wright Robinson B King David Levenshume
Abraham Moss
The Barlow