Here is a fantastic resource from Barclay’s Lifeskills.

Wellbeing toolkit

This two-part toolkit is designed to help young people understand the importance of mental wellbeing, and how it can have an impact on their future success and career prospects.

This toolkit aims to:

  • Help your students manage and maintain their mental wellbeing as an integral part of their overall health
  • Support them with developing skills such as resilience, communication, self-confidence, time management and proactivity
  • Aid students to develop coping strategies that will better enable them to manage the everyday pressures and additional responsibilities of work
  • Help young people to identify where and how they can ask for help and mental wellbeing support, for themselves and others


LifeSkills has developed this resource with support from the mental health anti-stigma and discrimination campaign, Time to Change, run by the partner charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness.

The second part of the toolkit also features written and audio case studies which include coping strategies young people have used to support their wellbeing. See below for a taster of the audio files featured in the toolkit.

To ensure that both parts of the toolkit work together smoothly, please make sure you download and save both PDF documents into the same folder on your computer.

Why not complement this toolkit with our interactive worksheet activities and online lesson films, which are perfect for remote delivery, around wellbeing by clicking here?

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